There are several important aspects to planning a party, but the core feature is the venue. If the mainstream house parties are not your cup of tea, then brace yourself to spend some extra bucks and make reservations at that lavish unique venue you’ve been eyeing. However, if high expenditure is not a part of your plan, then the list includes a few budget friendly options too.
Amusement arcade
Whether you are a child who is addicted to video games or an adult who would love to reminiscence childhood memories, this venue is suitable for both alike. Usually, these arcades are located at the malls, therefore private reservations cannot be made. However, if you are lucky enough to find a private amusement arcade in your vicinity, then you might be able to book the entire area for your guests only. Hosting a party at this venue would ensure a fun filled day with a truckload of nostalgia for the adults.
Hosting a party on a yacht screams the word ‘lavish’, as booking a yacht is quite expensive. However, you can choose from a range of options at the yacht club, to select the yacht which suits your budget and requirements. Moreover, you could ask the manager to supply the food, beverages and entertainment, if they offer these additional services. Thereby making the task easier for you, as you won’t have to search for external places to supply these items.
If you and your friends share a common passion for ancient historical articles, then this is the best venue for you. Although the thought of hosting a party at a museum may sound boring, it does not necessarily have to be so. There are a few museums which allow bookings for private functions, after closing hours. If you manage to find one such place, then make reservations in advance, to avoid disappointment due to bookings made by others.
Adventure parks
This category could consist of a number of different places such as theme parks with thrilling rollercoaster rides or a park which offers a special adventurous activity such as skydiving or parasailing or jet skiing. Places which offer skydiving are generally expensive, therefore it would not be ideal to host a party with a large number of guests here. However, boat clubs in Dubai which offer water sports options would make a fun location to host a party, as those who enjoy adventure sports could participate in them and those who prefer a calm activity such as rowing or sitting indoors and enjoying the view could do so. Thus, this venue caters to the needs of both types of people.
Karaoke studio
This is THE place for both professional and bathroom singers. An evening filled with music, food, drinks and friends singing at the top of their lungs with no inhibitions makes for some amazing memories to cherish. You could either reserve the entire place for a private event or take a couple of friends along with you and sing duets with strangers who might just turn into new friends. Either way, this is a place where you are guaranteed to have a blast.
If you like to stand out from the crowd and be unique, then these crazy party venues might just help you achieve that. Ensure that other aspects such as food, drinks and décor are taken care of and you are sure to have a rocking party.