It is an industry that controls the vast majority of the economy of the world yet only a few people know about how the industry functions. It controls the very chair you sit on to have dinner, to the steering wheel of the automobile and the bus you take to work in the morning. It has been operating for centuries. Here are some facts on the industry that you might not be familiar about:
There can be no or zero service as more than two thirds of the shipping business has no method of communication on the main sea. You might notice that 1 in 10 people will have some access to the internet. It can become a problem unless it is planned well before it reaches the Khalid port Sharjah. The port will not undertake responsibility for the loss of any goods.
There are many pirates who can take people and items hostage. Almost two ships are continuously lost every day. They attack the seafarers at a high rate especially in South Africa. Countries like Somalia are known for having experienced pirates. Some of them might even disguise themselves as crew members of the ship to extract vital information. If you are transporting any valuables try to find a safer method.
At times the journey ahead can be rather hectic and difficult for the experienced individuals on the ship to handle. Basically a ship transporting items will travel similarly three quarters of the route to the moon and back in one year during a period at sea. This can even apply to shipping companies in Iraq. Most seamen are tired after long days at sea and prefer to spend their retirement at a quiet place.
Ships are costly to construct. They are very expensive to be built from scratch. Installing large pieces of wood and steel can cost almost around 200-250 million dollars. Most individuals who do own ships have investment backing or money which they have inherited. It is often too difficult to maintain in the long run too. A number of staff and engineers are required to check on the day to day needs of the large vessel. Do not forget to think about these facts as carefully as you can. If you are thinking about getting into the shipping industry this can help you a great deal. You will need to have the correct resources and manpower to take your business to the next level. Some of these facts might not necessarily apply to you but it is always better to be safe than sorry!