What is the first thing that runs through your mind when you think about armored vehicles? For the layman, the first image that they see in their mind’s eye is the truck that you see in the movies. This is the cash deposit and transfer truck that moves the cash in a bank vault to the HQ or to another bank. It is also used to put more cash into ATMs on the streets today. However, armored vehicles are so much more diverse than just this. There are many different types of trucks, cars and vans that protect different things. Some protect people, while others protect material goods. There are, in fact, four basic groups into which these vehicles can be split.

Personal protection

These are usually smaller cars or SUVs, modified to gain maximum armor. They aren’t changed on the outside, and usually look exactly like the factory models of the cars. However, the difference is that the armored vehicle has durable steel applied throughout the vehicle. One of the most common types of armored car for sale include SUVs from Chevrolet and sedans from Lincoln. In fact, the President of the United States makes use of a heavily modified Lincoln sedan for his own protection. These vehicles are built to blend in and protect while hiding in plain sight. For the most part, they do their job exceptionally well.

Cash transit trucks

These are the common ones that you see all over the place, especially at banks at closing time. They are square-shaped trucks. They aren’t well-armored, because they don’t really need a high level of protection. Compared to the standard armored car for sale at most security companies and automakers, they really aren’t meant to provide a huge amount of defense. In fact, they are made to stand up against attacks by criminals armed with handguns and shotguns. Heavy artillery isn’t taken into account.

Police tactical vehicles

These are usually of the same outward appearance as the cash trucks of banks. However, there is a huge difference underneath. These vehicles are extremely heavily armored, especially when they are being used by SWAT teams for responding to domestic terror threats and more. This armor is because there is a high chance that people they are facing will use a variety of heavy weaponry on them.

Military vehicles

This is obvious. The most heavily protected vehicles in the world are used by the military. Weighing over a ton if done right, these vehicles cost about $1million each to armor up.
There are many different uses for armored vehicles, and not all of them are good either. The flip side of the coin is that armored vehicles make it harder for police and Special Forces to stop and take down crime bosses. However, by making it harder for these bosses to find these vehicles on sale, the spread can be reduced.